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Last Thursday I visit my dentist again for my front tooth implant. What I like is that he used an intraoral camera to take pictures of my damaged tooth. By using this imaging tool he basically improves his ability to provide quality treatment for his patients. This can also help for the enhancement of the patient education. At the same time digital radiography reduces radiation exposure by nearly 90%. The technology also saves time because there are no films to develop and protects the environment from the harmful chemicals needed to fix and develop the traditional x-ray.

I am not sure if they are already using the digital dental charts which, based on what I read, is very efficient and easy to use. By using the digital dental chart it would be easy for you to pull-out the history of the tooth. By using this software the dentist can see every x-ray ever taken and all procedures done on it.

I agree that investing in the best diagnostic tools and treatments available goes a long way toward leaving a positive impression on patients.

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