Second Major Snowstorm of the Season hits Maryland  

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I thought last Dec 19 was the first and the last snow storm that I will experience this winter but now another snow storm hit from mid Atlantic across the north east coast. They said that this could be the biggest in modern history. Last December 19 we got 24 inches of snow. This time seem we will be getting as much as 30 inches of snow.

The size of the snow is gigantic and it is unlike anything previously seen in modern history. Maryland and Virginia is expected to see record snow fall and Maryland has declared a state of emergency and has advised all residents to stay inside and off roads.

Snow continues to pile up and it’s been falling at a rate of 2 inches per hour. This is the photo that was taken last December 19.

Currently (5:30 am EST), we already have thicker than this and based on the forecast, the snow will continue to pile up until 8pm today.

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