Importance of PD for Perfect Fit Eyeglasses  

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The PD or pupillary distance is the measurement used when making a prescription eyeglasses. This is very important in making superior powered lenses. The one who usually performs the measurement is someone with training in the field of optics.

You can also use a ruler to make an estimated measurement with assistance or in the mirror. There are also some applications online that you can use to measure your PD or you can use an appropriate photo to determine the measurement.

I have a friend that needs new eyeglasses and she wants to save money since you can now really get the same quality prescription eyeglasses online in a cheaper cost. She had a recent eye test, so she decided to call them to get her PD since she doesn’t want to pay for another one. The problem is they did not give her the PD for the reason that it is for their own or personal use only. I think PD is yours as part of the eye exam that you had paid for and with this you have the right to have it anytime you want. The right measurement is very important for eyeglasses to work perfectly on you.

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