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Have you ever experienced the following conditions, like knee pain, medial meniscus tear and articular cartilage damage? What are your treatment options? Knee pain happens as a result of injury, arthritis or tendinitis. There are lots of suggested Knee Pain Treatment depends on what is the cause of it. Mostly it is a combination of non-invasive treatments such as applying heat or cold, provisionally restraining from activities that worsen the pain, and medications that target pain and inflammation. Exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the knee help reduce stress on the knee joint and prevent re-injury.

On the other hand, medial meniscus tear is a form of common knee injuries that are commonly known as 'torn cartilage'. Athletes often experience this kind of an injury, as they often run into traumatic forces while playing or training for the sport. There are lots of options for medial meniscus tear treatment. The traditional treatment entails physical therapy in order to treat the injury.

The Articular Cartilage Damage can occur from trauma to the knee or while playing sports, exercising, working or simply performing everyday activities. The source of these problems may indicate a knee cartilage injury.

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