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Tanda ZAP is a highly developed acne spot treatment that makes use of three prevailing and proven technologies that assist in clearing away acne blemishes fast. The Acne Removal System has been demonstrated to clear or fade acne blemishes within 24 hours! This acne light treatment is applied to lesions on the skin where bacteria multiply and make up the sebaceous gland. Sunlight improves acne due to its ability to kill bacteria; though individuals run the threat of skin damage. When blue light is release into the gland it activates Porphyrin, which carefully kills bacteria. As a result, Photodynamic Therapy treatments make use of the benefits of the sun to diminish acne, but present protection from destructive ultraviolet light exposure.

Luxe uses a super-luminous LED array to bring concentrated beams of red light for a limited phototherapy effect. Attached with sonic vibration and calm warming in an exclusive massaging treatment head, these complimentary technologies convey a professional photofacial experience for lavish, soft, smooth, gleaming skin. Not like topical products that care for the signs of aging from the outside in, Luxe works from the inside-out to, in fact, the anti-aging light treatment will make your skin much younger and smoother. As we age both deflation and deterioration makes skin appear older than we experience. Deflation, a loss of volume, is caused by a decrease in collagen levels. Deterioration shows up as irregular texture, overall dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Red light technology has been used by dermatologists and skincare professionals for its revitalizing benefits for many years.

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