Family Tradition  

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Guest post written by Derick Burks

That time of year is rolling around and I can’t wait until my mom spends the night on Thanksgiving and we get up really early to get black friday deals. It has been a tradition of ours to spend the night at each other’s houses on Thanksgiving. We get up really early and have breakfast at the Waffle House. After breakfast, we start the shopping. We are usually at the mall, waiting outside the doors at five o’clock in the morning. We haven’t missed a year since we started our Black Friday tradition ten years ago when I moved back in town. We shop until lunch time and eat lunch at our favorite Chinese place across the street. Our car is usually packed to the brim with Christmas gifts. After our lunch break, we are back at it, shopping until everyone on our list is marked off. We have so much fun. It is a really special tradition. One day when I have a daughter, I hope that she will enjoy doing this with us as much as I like it.

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