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I’ve been looking for an application where I can organize all my bookmark pages into one location since I have lots of bookmarks on my work computer and also lots here on my home laptop. There are often times when I want to look at the ones from work when I am at home and sometimes I forgot to send it to my email even though I am virtually connected to my work PC, but sometimes I forget and turn off my work computer so I need to search it again online when at home and can’t find it again which makes me frustrated. Another problem for this is if my home laptop or my office computer will give up and fail to save all those bookmarks.

Clipix saves time with this messy problem through this application where I can now access all of my bookmarks in one location by just logging into my twitter account anywhere; either in my home laptop, my android tablet, my phone or my office PC and it makes my life so much easier. Another good thing is that clipix is FREE. I just started transferring my bookmarks and here is what it looks like:


It’s so easy to set-up Clipix; you can sign up using your existing Facebook, Twitter or Email account. You can either make it private or public to share it with your friends. Another cool thing is that they have syncboards that allow you to clip your bookmarks and share them collaboratively with your family or friends. When someone adds a clip to the syncboard, everyone else you collaborate with will see it in real-time.

Sometimes it is more convenient if you can see video if how it works.  See the video to learn more about how Clipix will make organizing your bookmarks, and those of your friends and family, much easier. Please let me know by leaving you comment below on how you will use Clipix.

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